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Headway 14C Urea Breath Test Helicobacter Pylori Detector

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.HUBT-20P
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

1. Background Count Rate ≤ 50 CPM
2.14C Detection Efficiency≥ 15%
3. Measuring Time: 250 seconds
4. Power ≤ 20W

Packaging & Delivery

Dimension: 400mm× 260mm× 200mm Weight: 12Kg

Product Description

Headway 14C Urea Breath Test Helicobacter Pylori Detector 

Applications of C14 Urea Breath Test:
Dyspepsia initial diagnosis, post-treatment follow-up of H.Pylori infection;
The patients who suffer from Gastric Ulcer, duodenum ulcer, chronic active gastritis, antral gastritis, Gastric mucosa, lymphoid tissue malignant tumor disease;
Precaution of gastric cancer or the ones with a family history of gastric cancer;
Refuser of gastroscopy;
A long-term user of NSAID(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs);
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura(ITP);
Patients already  take endoscopy;
Physical examinations;
Patient wishes

The urea breath test is used to diagnose H. Pylori infection.
UBT can be widely used in digestive and gastroenterology, physical examination centers, and nuclear medicine hospitals. 
Highlights: non-invasive, accurate, fast, and convenient.
H. Pylori Test Analyzer CHL-HP14C20A is designed to provide the user with a reliable and advanced intelligent device that is both easy to use and meets the strict clinical demands for Helicobacter pylori diagnosis.
Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) is the primary cause of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease and has been linked to the onset of gastric cancer in some individuals. The need for a simple, non-invasive and accurate diagnostic technology for the detection of H. Pylori infection was met by the development of the urea breath test, which allows infection status to be evaluated without the need for costly and invasive endoscopies.
Accurate: Sensitivity 95%, specificity 95%-100%.
Comfortable: Non-invasive, no endoscopic tube insertion, well tolerated by patients.
Convenient: Near-patient testing, the analysis made on-site, minimal inconvenience for patients.
Simple: Easy operation, no special handling required.
Swift: The entire test is finished in 30 minutes, and test results are available on-site.
Product Highlights:
High accuracy with DPM results
Streamlined design, elegant appearance
PC connection, professional software
Automatic measurement and patient data storage
1. Background Count Rate ≤ 50 CPM
2.14C Detection Efficiency≥ 15%
3. Measuring Time: 250 seconds
4. Power ≤ 20W
5. Dimension: 400mm× 260mm× 200mm
6. Weight: 12Kg

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