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612/6F, Hehui New World, No. 241, Helong 6th Rd, Renhe, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


iClear was established in 2015 in Guangzhou by a group of highly professional and highly ambitious young people from different countries who have many years of experiences in medical and IT industries.

iClear is committed to providing high quality medical equipment, high quality technologies and high quality services. iClear is committed to applying the technology of medical fields, connecting the distributors with the right markets, helping doctors improve health conditions and alleviating the pain of patients. 

Now iClear Healthcare has gained the world-wide reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers of medical equipment. The following chart shows our exportation in 2016:

The success of iClear stands on the 3 pillars:

ONLINE service with zero delay 
Instant reply and quickest solution to the problem of our customers are the basic philosophy of our business. Our professional and well trained service team backed up by Whatsapp and Skype is ONLINE for the customers all the time during the working hours.

Timeless quality with zero tolerance 

Every part of the machine is carefully processed up to the level of beauty and perfection. The machines are assembled by the hands of the well trained workers working as artist. Extremely strict quality control in every smallest step during the production assurances our customers get the durable and almost maintenance-free machines.

Meeting demands with zero compromise

Closely working together with the clinical oculists in the clinics and hospitals give us very good understanding on how to meet the rigorous requirements from their daily practice. For the top quality and the excellent price/performance our world-wide oculist clients think about the best choice and the never-regret investment to buy our machines for the their practices.
Our young and ambitious R&D teams stand for researching and developing for your tomorrow. You can always count on us.