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Optical Biometer Ultrasound Ophthalmic ABP Scan Probe

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHE-S3000
CertificateIOS CE
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Quick Details

Integrated ABP scan probe 
Computer: Built-in System
12.1 inch Touch Screen
Sony Duplicator Computer with graphic Workstation

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Product Description

Portable Ophthalmic ABP Scan Probe with Pachymeter

Complete and quick biometry :
-   eye  axial length  (AXL)
-   anterior chamber depth (AC)
-   lens thickness (LENS)
-   vitreous length (VITR)
Measurement of all eye types:
normal,  cataract,  dense cataract, aphakic, silicone oil vitreous,
pseudophakic  (PMMA, ACRYLATE, SILICONE)
IOL six  formulas:
SRK II, SRK T, Holladay, Hoffer-Q, Binkhorst II, Haggis
Post refractive formulas:
Double-K SRKT,  Latkany / Flat-K SRKT/, Latkany /avg-K SRKT/, Masket
IOL power calculation comparison (for different lenses and calculation methods)
Contact and immersion methods  (the immersion tube  attached)
Probe with a central light beam for correct eye positioning
Automatic TGC adjustment; GAIN adjustment up to 110dB
The memory of 20 scans with measurements for further analysis
Calculations of means and standard deviations
Automatic control of measurement scatters (with manual correction)
Customizable for 10 users,  10 profiles for each.
Adjusting  and testing via attached calibrator
Probe frequency - 12 MHz
Range of scan 40 mm
Clinical resolution   0.1 mm
Electronic resolution  -/+ 0.01 mm
Probe frequency - 12/15 MHz
Scanning angle  - 55
Range of scan 20..60 mm
Gain/dynamics up to 110dB / 90dB
256 Levels Gray Scale
Axial clinical resolution  - 0.12 mm
Lateral clinical resolution -  0.3 mm
Display modes: B, B+A, B+B
A-mode for selected line CV (in Run and Freeze modes)
Dynamic Range Correction
Image cache memory  M1..M4  independent for right and left eyes
Zoom function (x2) in Run and Freeze modes
Digital Gain Correction in  Freeze mode
Cine loop function (about 6 second) independent for left/right eyes
Distances  measurements with ultrasound velocity correction
Area and angle measurements
Pointers, comments entered by the user
Composite video output for video printer
Power supply from external  AC/DC power adapter:
-  input:  100-230V AC 50/60Hz /  max 0.7A
-  output:   +12V  DC / 2 A
Power consumption (12 DC supply) - ca 12 W

Quick  thickness measurements for all corneal  types
- automatic and manual measurements
- thickness measurement  at arbitrarily selected points
- calculation of mean from measurements
- standard deviation of the measured thickness
- the ability for rejecting inaccurate measurements
Very high level of accuracy and repeatability of all measurements:
- sophisticated algorithms  for the accuracy improvement
- very high frequency for measuring purpose- 400 MH
- high averaging ratio - 512 automatic measurements cycles
Intra-ocular pressure (IOP) calculations with  measuring  and/or manual correction
Ten IOP correction formulas: Kohl has/Shah, Argus et al. Whitacre et al, Doughty, Ehlers, Dresden, Stodmeister,  custom-own
BIAS percentage deviation of the measured thickness from 60% to 130%
TEST function for automatic checking of operation correctness  (without using external phantoms or patterns)
Nine corneal thickness maps with a number of points:
1, 5, 9, 13, 21, 25, 1 MULTI, 5 MULTI, 9 MULTI
20 MHz probe operating frequency
400 MHz sampling rate
Default sound velocity - 1640 m/s ;  range from 1400 to 2000 m/s
Measurement  range from 220 μm to 1100 μm
Measuring accuracy <  ± 2 μm
Resolution 1 μm

 Touch Screen
- easy, ergonomic, and user-friendly operation via the displayed menu
- virtual keyboard for entering patient data, etc.
Functional knob (gain control, review results, cine etc.)
Color LCD 7" display
Internal patient's database
Ten (10) user profiles
Recording of images in internal and  USB-Pendrive memory.
Internal thermal small printer ( for A-scan and P-scan reports )
Composite-video output PAL (for video printer or  video monitor )
Support of multiple languages
Easy firmware upgrade via USB port

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