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Thermofisher Novus Electronic 8 Channal Pipettes 1-10ul,5-50ul,30-300ul

Band nameThermo Fisher
Model No.Finnpipette™ Novus
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Multichannel Electronic Pipettes feature a wide range of models for common laboratory tasks, such as repetitive dispensing into 96- and 384-microplates. The lightweight handle and unique index-finger operation are designed to prevent muscle stress and strain, and enable longer work periods without fatigue. Simplicity, comfort and functionality

Packaging & Delivery

G.W. 0.5KG

Product Description

Thermofisher Finnpipette™  Electronic 8 Channal Pipettes

catalog number: 46300000
Product Size Each
Accuracy 12.0% to 2.4±
Compatible Tips Flex 10, 10, 20 micros, 50 micro
Color Code Pink
Number of Channels 8
Volume (Metric) Range 1 to 10µL
Model Finnpipette Novus
Increments 0.1µL
Precision 8.0 to 1.6%

catalog number: 46300400
Product Size Each
Accuracy 5.0% to 1.5±
Compatible Tips Flex 200, 200 Ext. 250
Color Code Yellow
Number of Channels 8
Volume (Metric) Range 5 to 50µL
Model Finnpipette Novus
Increments 0.1µL
Precision 2.0 to 0.7%

catalog number: 46300000
Product Size Each
Accuracy 5.0% to 1.0±
Compatible Tips Flex 300, 300
Color Code Orange
Number of Channels 8
Volume (Metric) Range 30 to 300µL
Model Finnpipette Novus
Increments 1µL
Precision 2.0 to 0.3%

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