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Automatic Urine Analysis System

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHL-U82
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

Test items:Red blood cells, Poikilocyte, White blood cells, WBCC, Crystals subtypes, Squamous epithelial cells, Non-squamous epithelial cells, Bacteria, Yeast, Casts, Sperm, Mucus and other components in urine.
Channel: Three-channels counting chamber.
Test speed: 90-120 samples/hour.

Packaging & Delivery

1.56CBM 250KG

Product Description

Automatic Urine Analysis System


Main Specification:
1. Principle: Apply the world-level neuron model and use the technology of “Machine
vision”+ “ SVM” ( Support vector machine ) to achieve the specimen image
segmentation and the automatic identification, classification and counting of the urine
formed elements.
2. Standardization: Fully comply with the requirements of NCCLS and CCCLS
recommendations on the standardization of the urinary sediment examination so as to
develop the urinary sediment examination toward the standardization and favorably
guarantee the quality control management of the urinary sediment examination.
Our company is ISO9001/ISO13485 certified.
Quality control: Standard quality control product is provided so that the software can
generate the standard quality control chart automatically.
3. Leading Parts and Patents:
①Fully-automatic recognition software (indicated in the product registry)
②Through the automatic focusing, tracing and collection of the high speed camera
system(More than 600 frames / specimen), finish the amplification, segmentation and
identification of the urine formed elements so as to effectively quicken the
examination speed and save the time.
③Focus-free technique: compared with the traditional auto focus technique, it is more
④Dual microcomputer processing system: compared with the traditional multichannel,
the speed is increased for over 30%.
⑤The “walk away” technique is adopted so that the specimen can be processed
automatically during the whole course and an alarm will be given upon completion of
specimen processing. The unattended operation is realized in deed.
⑥Function of automatic refilling: the system itself can judge the quantity of cleaning
liquid and maintenance liquid required for machine maintenance and refill it when
necessary (this function is applicable for hospitals needing a large number of
⑦Technique of sample adding with peristaltic pump: compared with the traditional
injection pump, it is simpler and can avoid effectively the crossed contamination.
⑧Noise-free imaging: the internationally advanced technique of optical imaging can
recover the original form of the substance receiving the microscopic examination to
the utmost extent, which can avoid the image distortion which is frequently met in the
traditional microscopic examination system of urinary sediment.
⑨The guide screw can run X/Y/Z all round to capture the clearer images
⑩Double channels and high & lower lens can shoot visible cells from ten fields of vision,
180° all round, with higher recognition rate. The technique of negative sieving can
automatically sieve the negative specimen and recognize the positive ones
automatically, increasing the detection speed
4.Examination Items:
①Urine formed elements in the urine
②Classification of poikilocyte (red blood cell phase)
③Other elements required by a clinician (pectoral ascites, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.)
5. Specimen Handling:
①Samples are injected with the internationally universal 5X10 tube banks: put and
move automatically the test tube rack to judge the availability of specimen. The rack
will skip automatically when no specimen is available and an alarm will be given
when the rack is filled up.
②Automatic injection, cleaning, dilution, mixing, dyeing (optional), focusing,
collection, segmentation, identification and calculation. The whole process is really
③Rapidly screen out the negative specimens, actively to automatically identify the
positive specimen and conduct the classification and counting of the urine formed
elements of the urinary sediment.
④3D sample-adsorption mechanism can automatically mix the specimen evenly and the
specimen is fed in a photo-electric sensing way
⑤High-precision fluid flow control technique allows the specimen run to the counting
module accurately at a uniform velocity
6. Speed:
①Examination speed: T≤60(indicated in the product registry) seconds per specimen,
examine 60~100 specimens per hour;
②Speed of specimen test tube position switch <0.1s.
7. The function of emergency treatment: the specimen for emergency treatment is
entered in with priority. It can be detected as soon as arrives. There is no need to
interrupt the system
8. Specimen handling: The specimen can be directly put on the device if it is the initial
urine or examined if the urinary sediment. Two modes you can have either.
9. Volume of specimen: Minimum 2ml, minimum suction quantity 1.0ml
10. Full-automatic digital microscope control platform:
①Adopt the international advanced distributed control technology and modular
embedded structure, be capable of automatic adjusting the condenser and brightness
of the lamps and realizing the three-dimensional control of the stage;
②Focusing range: Min. step of the Axles X, Y and Z of high-precision ≤0.625um, Min.
step of focusing ≤0.04um;
③To conform to the international trend, capture the image and scan layer by high
speed CCD digital imaging system, thus fully meeting the vision positioning and
greatly increasing the examination speed.
④The microscope and optical system is dust-free; the platform adopts the non-noise
transmission technology; the step is smaller; the positioning is more precise and the
transmission is stable, thus meeting the high-precision and accurate resetting and
returning standards.
11. Flow counting cell: adopt the advanced international light rubber technology, and the
cavity spacing of the counting cell is controlled within the range of 0.05~0.1mm so as
to reduce the sedimentation time and enhance the examination speed; degree of
parallelism <0.002mm, thus providing the best vision range and best articulation.
12. Full-automatic cleaning of pipe system:
①The advanced vertical type sample suction needle to rinse the external wall ,so that
the crossed contamination is avoided in detail.
②Clean the counting cell, pipe system, prime needle inner and outer walls in the
positive and negative directions so as to fully avoid the cross contamination.
13. Training Function: Be equipped with the self-studying function and provide a
large quantity of atlas so as to promote the identification capacity.
14. Detection sensitivity: one objective/ul, no centrifuge detection of specimen, without
15. Detection rate: the detection rate of samples with a concentration of around 5 ul is
above 98%
16. Accuracy: over 95%
17. Repeatability detection: CV%≤5%
18. Crossed contamination: concentration ≤5000 /ul: ≤1 /ul; concentration 5000 ~ 10000
/ul: ≤2 /u
19. Online network function:
①Adopt bi-directional communication interface;
②Be capable of connecting with any urine analyzer and automatically delivering the
dry-chemistry test results;
③It can be networked with the Lis system or His system in the hospitals via the COM or
RJ45 interface, realizing the file sharing
20. Report model:
①Use the international general measuring unit, i.e., XX piece/ul; comply with the
requirements of the urinary sediment examination standard of the Ministry of Health.
②The report can be edited and customized according to the needs with flexible
③The report result are the integration of the dry-chemistry test results of the urine
analyzer, data and image examined by the microscope for the urinary sediment and
the clinical information of the patient so as to facilitate the doctor to master more
comprehensive information about the patient and facilitate the patient to own their
right to be informed.
21. Number of data storage: ≥600000
22. Configuration requirements: the built-in high performance quad-core processor, mass
hard disk space, 19-inch liquid crystal display and laser printer.

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