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Oiless Medical Air Compressor for Ventilator Machine 100L/Min

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHH-AP100
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

1)High efficiency oil-free compressor core and multi-stage air filtration dewatering cooling systemensure that gas meets the targets of compressed air for medical use.
2)Freeing refrigeration systems the whole low running noise.
3)Automatic drainage device in conjunction with its periodic drainage dual separation technology.
4)Flow synchronization output can be used simultaneously for two devices.
5)Start protecting relief function and then start the locking behavior does not occur.

Packaging & Delivery

Size:W*D*H 600*500*680mm

Product Description

Oiless Medical Air Compressor for Ventilator Machine 100L/Min

The compressor movement is oil-free, and the compressor equipped with multi-stage filter for dehydration and cooling, to ensure the output gas can meet the needs of compression gas.
The freezer refrigeration system operating with low noise.
High flow with double output port, to supply for two devices at the same time.
Start the machine with relief protection function.
It applied in all kinds of ventilators, and supply all kinds of connectors.
Sufficient storage of imported parts and better service of after-sales.
The core part of oil-free medical air compressor adopts oilless vacuum pump of GAST&THOMAS, pneumatic component of SMC and NORGER, fan system of ORIENTAL MOTOR. This product widely applied in ventilator, anesthesia machine, automatic ventilator, air-oxygen blender, CPAP for supplying positive-pressure.
Technical parameter:
Model: PN-2000
Output pressure: 0.25MPa~0.4MPa
Output flow: 100L/min
Maximum exhaust pressure: 0.7MPa
Start method: start with pressure, and the pressure >0.5MPa
Protection function: high-temperature and over-heat protection
Noise: ≤55dB(A)
Pressure display: pressure gauge
Hours meter: 0~9999H
Power: a.c. 220V 50Hz
Power rate: 750VA

CHZ-AP60 60L/Min

CHZ-AP25 25L/Min

CHZ-AP10 10L/Min

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