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Fast Mini PCR CRISPR-based Nucleic Acid Detection Analyzer with Kit

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHL-M7
CertificateCE ISO
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Quick Details

Test Time: 30-1 hour/test
Features: Detect at any time anywhere Rapid and No need PCR
Touch Screen: No need to do Sample purify

Packaging & Delivery

145x305x100mm 1.9kg 

Product Description

Fast Test CRISPR-based Nucleic Acid Detection Analyzer with Kit



> Unrestricted for throughput: few analysis equipment required and suitable for the scenes with different sample sizes.
> At any time: 1 minute to get the results.
> At any places: One tube, No need for PCR room.

Application Scenes
Hospitals without PCR lab, Laboratory medicine room (verify the positive samples),
Emergency room(in-hospital screening), School, Airport, Customs

Detect at any time, anywhere
Rapid and No need PCR lab

No need to Purify

Allow molecular detection to be portable, sensitive, fast
1. The software is simple to use
2. Fully automated interpretation of results
3. PC and APP software also included
4. Suitable for use with any isothermal amplification protocol
5. Observe real-time data from isothermal amplification reactions
6. Monitor all dyes with excitation at 470nm and detection above 520nm
7. Application: LAMP, CPA, RPA, RAA, RCA, SDA, etc. Isothermal amplification
1. Small footprint, low-cost and easy to use, suitable for benchtop and field applications
2. Purpose-designed sophisticated instruments that support any isothermal DNA/RNA amplification method employing fluorescence readout
3. 7-inch touchscreen, and offers the stand-alone operation, it no need for a host computer
4. Support eight standard 0.2ml tubes
5. One channel or two-channel fluorescence detection per tube
6. Easy to use advanced desktop software and APP software (Android mobile) for the test configuration management and export 
7. Testing temperature range: RT. to 99ºC 
8. PC software, APP software and built-in software for powerful and validated data analysis and review
9. Easy access to data via USB interface and WIFI
10. Use independently via touch screen, link to the computer via a USB cable or link to android mobile via WIFI
11. To link printer via USB cable and print the text data and results which you require
12. Mains or battery-powered


Sample size 0.2ml - 8wells strip
Screen 7-inch touch screen
Interpretation methods 1. Build amplification curve to get results
2. The analyzer gets results automatically.
1. Build amplification curve to get results  
2. The analyzer gets results automatically.  
temperature uniformityºC Within 1ºC
Temperature accuracy 1 control accuracyºC <0.5"C
Hot lid function available
Fluorescence intensity detection repeatability cv<3%
Fluorescence intensity detection precision cv< 5%
Fluorescence linear regression coefficient >0.990
Size(W*D*H) 145*305* 100 mm
Net Weight 2.3kg


Sensitivity 100 copies/mL

no obvious cross-reactivity for common respiratory viruses, 

respiratory pathogenic bacteria 

and human swab samples.

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