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Automatic Anaerobic and Aerobic Blood Culture Bottle

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHL-M13
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Orange cap--Anaerobic culture bottle for Adults
Yellow Cap--Aerobic culture bottle for Children
Green Cap--Aerobic culture bottle for Adults

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Product Description

Automatic Anaerobic and Aerobic Blood Culture Bottle
comply with Mindray Automatic culture machine


Orange cap--Anaerobic culture bottle for Adults

Yellow Cap--Aerobic culture bottle for Children

Green Cap--Aerobic culture bottle for Adults


[Packing specifications]

20 bottles/carton, the models and specifications are as follows:

a) Standard aerobic culture flasks: adult type and child type;

b) Standard anaerobic culture flask: adult type;

c) Resin aerobic culture flask: adult type and child type;

d) Resin anaerobic culture flask: adult type.


[expected usage]

This product is used for in vitro culture and detection of microorganisms in human blood or other sterile body fluids under normal conditions.


[Storage conditions and validity period]

Store at 2℃~25℃, protected from light, valid for 18 months.



1. This blood culture bottle is for in vitro diagnosis only.

2. The blood culture bottle has already added blood anticoagulant, no additional addition is required.

3. The collected specimens must be inoculated and cultured as soon as possible to ensure accurate results.

4. The specimens and their culture wastes should be considered as potentially infectious substances and should be handled in accordance with the operating specifications of the infectious disease laboratory.

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