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KT88 Digital Wireless 16 Channel Electroencephalogram EEG Monitor System

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Model No.CHO-KT88
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55*50*60cm 8kg

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KT88 Digital Wireless 16 Channel Electroencephalogram EEG Monitor System

The Digital Brain Electric Activity Mapping collects EEG signal with electrodes, via integrated amplification, A/D transformation, PC auto-analysis, FFT, to form an electroencephalogram which displays with color depth.  The products are applicable for checking such diseases as epilepsy,  intracranial inflammation,  cerebrovascular diseases and brain tumors.

Method of 10/20 electrodes placement under the international standard system, leads can be changed and optionally combined during replying.
Multifunctional digital filter systems provide different filter methods and window types, and users can freely set low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and bandstop filters.
Electronic frequency ruler, convenient to measure the basic information of any appointed EEG waveforms. With partial enlarging window, to accurately measure EEG period, amplitude and frequency, and which can be adjusted according to personnel judgment.
By the powerful and automatic analysis function, the appointed waveform can be rapidly implemented power spectrum analysis and pathologic wave detection. Many graphs can be displayed on the same screen, including kinds of BEAM, compressed spectrum graph, trend graph, and so on. 
Multifunctional flash stimulator of USB interface and frequency can be controlled manually or automatically. A flash stimulation scheme can be set and performed in the process of collection.
The perfect case management function provides many means for research and fast statistic information; which is convenient for exporting and importing. With the function of converting case files into EDF and the BDF data format. which is convenient for data interchange, academic exchange and further analysis.
Integrative image and character report, the report can be edited in mode and switched to Word document.
Optional video function: USB camera is easy to install, convenient to use and exact to record. With flexible playback function, which can browse the waveform equipped with the image with sync collection at any time.
Optional SpO2 function, which can view SpO2 value, pulse rate and SpO2 trend graph.

Optional EEG products: 16-channel,19-channel and 32-channel, optional test functions for ECG, EMG, EOG, respiration and Spo2.
Sampling rate: 200 spots/second.
Sample accuracy: 12-bit.
Input impedance: ≥10MΩ
Patient leak current: < 10µA
Noise level: ≤5µV
CMRR: ≥90dB
Magnification multiple: 10000
Filter constant: all digital and free enactment
Display rate(paper rate): 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 mm/s
Gain: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 50 mm/50µV
Playback speed: 1,2,3,10,20,40, 60 times
50Hz interference suppression: ≥30dB
Safety classification: Class II, Type BF applied part

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