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Vision Exercise Refractometer Handheld Manual Refractor

Band nameICLEAR
Model No. CHE-S180
CertificateIOS CE
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Quick Details

Ø Streamline design and sttractive appearance

Ø Metal material and gorgeous color.A variety of colors to be chose

Ø Easy operation:suitable for children,adolescents and adults

Ø Easy to carry,suitable for all kinds of occasions

Ø Self-check,do not need others’ help

Ø Professional website service, interaction,sharing,and vision data

Ø permanent preservation

Packaging & Delivery


Product Description

Eye Care Children Vision Exercise Refractometer Handheld Manual Refractor


Uncorrected visual acuity noted as UCVA is the best possible vision that an eye can achieve without the use of glasses or contact lenses.
Best-corrected visual acuity noted as BCVA is the best possible vision that an eye can achieve with the use of glasses or contact lenses.
Low Vision and Amblyopia Test
Refraction Test
Astigmatism Test
Power of Accommodation Test
The ability of the eye to adjust its focal length is known as accommodation. A healthy eye is able to bring both distant objects and nearby objects into focus without the need for corrective lenses. That is, the healthy eye is able to assume both a small and a large focal length; It would have the ability to view objects with a large variation in distance. The maximum variation in the power of the eye is called the power of accommodation, which can be tested by CHE-S180.
Accommodation Training
Like any other group of muscles in the body, the ciliary muscle can be exercised. They can regain flexibility and tone through correct exercises. The continuous use of CHE-S180 will provide a ciliary muscle-stretching effect, leading to an improvement in visual acuity .


Suitable for Children, adolescents and adults
Color China Red(R), Sapphire(B), Harvest Yellow(G), 
Pink Drerm (P), Roland Purple(V), Titanium crystal Gray(S)
Spherical range -12D to +6D
Spherical degree 
wide interval
Spherical degree  
of tolerance
> -/+0.25D
Lighting LED backlight, and the light is uniformity, constant, 
not reflective and not dazzling
Switch mode LED lamp touch switch, the instrument will shut 
down automatically after three minutes' of shelving
Power Three 7# batteries(AAA)
Service Professional service website, Users can input
personal vision information, Forecasts user's vision 
direction according to historical data, Provide vision 
care knowledge and glasses reference information, etc.
Net weight 299g
Packing size 200mm(L)X100mm(W)X65mm(H)

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