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OLCR Optical Ophthalmic Biometer for Visual Axis & IOL Calculation

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHE-A1000
CertificateIOS CE
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Quick Details

Fully automatic, 10 data, and  IOL Calculation function
It is the most abundant, convenient and high-end biometric instrument

Packaging & Delivery

670*660*330mm 28KG

Product Description

OLCR Optical Ophthalmic Biometer for Visual Axis & IOL Calculation
(Optical Low-coherence Refractometry OLCR)

CHE-A1000 is an optical biometer that can measure and calculate the visual axis and IOL with high precision. It can measure corneal diopter, astigmatism axis, axial length, central corneal thickness, and anterior chamber depth, white-to-white distance, pupil diameter and other sets of biological data with one click., binocular measurements can be completed within 20 seconds, providing patients with fast, accurate and comfortable measurement experience.


• Integrated body, 10.1-inch touch screen
• Large capacity storage of over 60000 data sets


Fully Automatic Mode
• Non-contact measurement to avoid cross infection
• Automatic eye tracking, focusing, shooting
• Complete binocular data acquisition in 20 seconds


Innovative Technology
• Nanoscale sensors to monitor signals in real time
• Binocular vision algorithm, tracking eye movements in real-time
• Advanced image algorithm, accurate recurrence of human eye tissues data

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