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Acupuncture Cupping with 35 Patents

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHC-A35
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Trinity efficacy:
--- Tank therapy: Qufengchushi Tongluo analgesia;
---Hyperthermia: Warming and dispersing cold promoting blood circulation;
---Moxibustion treatment: righting and eliminating evil delay aging.

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Acupuncture Cupping with 35 Patents


Product composition:
This product is composed of two parts, moxibustion tablets (the sky-moxibustion essence enriched in Tianmo moxibustion herbs) and the cans that cause negative pressure (medical silicone).
It is a perfect combination of the moxibustion and the cupping therapy, forming a unique day moxibustion canal therapy, combined with diarrhea, the use of a significant effect; but also has the advantages of safe and painless, easy to operate and carry.


Efficacy and scope:
Trinity efficacy:
--- Tank therapy: Qufengchushi, Tongluo analgesia;
---Hyperthermia: Warming and dispersing cold, promoting blood circulation;
---Moxibustion treatment: righting and eliminating evil, delay aging.

The principle:
Ø There are many meridians and acupoints in the human body, and it is very difficult for the laymen to fully grasp the points.
Ø Sky moxibustion can is a painless acupuncture and moxibustion cupping device. It is mainly used in the body's Governor Vessel, Huatuo Jiaji, Bladder, and commonly used health points, such as Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Guanyuan, Zhongyu, Shenfu, etc. .
Ø Tianhuo moxibustion cans designed based on the meridians and acupuncture points on the back of the human body are sized to completely cover Du Meridians, Huatuo Jiaji Points and bladder meridians, and are fixed on the above meridian positions by cans, and the moxibustion patches are applied to the skin to release stimuli slowly. At the same time, the tank produces negative pressure. Mainly moxibustion, moxibustion cans, to achieve analgesia, rickets, health purposes.
Ø When moxibustion moxibustion tanks are used, moxibustion can be applied only to moxibustion areas. The operation method of accurately recognizing acupuncture points is not required. It is easy to learn and it can be operated at home. It completely solves the problem of “not recognizing acupuncture points”.

1. Disinfection: Disinfect the moxibustion cans with a care solution, or sterilize the care solution at the site where the moxibustion is needed (the site of the sensory pain point or meridian); (Figure 1)
2. Moxibustion cans: The moxibustion tablets should be aligned with the need for moxibustion, pressing the center of the can (moxibustion) and squeezing by hand to the edge, and try to discharge the air in the can; (Figure 2)
3. Check: Make sure that the moxibustion patch can be tightly applied to the skin surface; (Figure 3)

Taboos and precautions:
1. The moxibustion tablets contain irritant materials, the epidermis has not healed scars, high hypersensitivity, pregnant women, children and high-risk period of various diseases, all of which are prohibited;
2. After use, wash your hands immediately. Do not wipe sensitive parts such as eyes with your hands. If necessary, notify the medical staff to deal with it in time.

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