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Medical Breath Respiratory Humidifier

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHH-AVH10
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

· Traditional rotating disc type 9 steps of temperature setting intuitive and convenient.
· Constant temperature control of heater plate accurate and sensitive.
· Cut off heating at high temperature of patient port and heater plate overheating protection with cut-off function dual protections more secure and reliable.
· Digital display of patient port temperature intuitive and accurate.
· Global supply. 

Packaging & Delivery

Dimensions 135mm(W) x 60mm(H) x150mm (D) (without chamber fitted) 
Weight 0.8kg (max) (without chamber fitted) 
1.4kg (max) (with chamber fitted & filled with water)

Product Description

Medical Breath Respiratory Humidifier


Intended Use
CHZ-VH10 Respiratory Humidifier is designed for ventilators or other positive pressure systems to warm and humidify airflow. The airflow is warmed and humidified by ventilating through the warm water’s surface. Reducing the stimulation to the cardiopulmonary system produced by the mechanical ventilation, keeping the pulmonary alveolus moist, being beneficial to sputum aspiration, preventing the airway obstruction. The temperature is regulated by setting up the heater control knob and it also can be monitored alone.
Characteristics: Small size and convenient to take. It’s suitable for using with ventilators in families or community hospitals.                                            
Application: Compatible with ventilators or other positive pressure systems to warm and humidify the airflow.
Main Functions
CHZ-VH10 Respiratory Humidifier has 9 steps to control the temperature range with the function of overheating protection.
Product safety:                       Comply with IEC60601-1
Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock:    Type B
Type of Protection Against Electric Shock:     Class I
Water-proof protection                    Drip-proof   IPX1
Protection Against Inflammable Anesthetic Gases:no Category AP/APG
Operation Mode:                        Continuous Operation
CHZ-VH10 Respiratory Humidifier is a small and portable type device and composed of mainframe & chamber.

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