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Portable Emergency Ventilator Hospital Transport Ambulance Ventilator

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CH2020-88
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

Multiple ventilation modes
Manual button used during CPR
LCD display
Multiple visual and audible alarms
LED state indicator
Compact,portable,lightweight,durable design
Electro-pneumatically controlled,time/pressure switched and micro-processor monitored

Packaging & Delivery

230×200×70mm    1.0kg

Product Description

Portable Emergency Ventilator Hospital Transport Ambulance Ventilator

Technical Parameters
Breathing mode

Tidal volume 100ml-1000ml Max.Minute ventilation volume 18L/min Oxygen concentration 50%,100%
System compliance <4ml/100Pa
A/C ventilation frequency 4-80bpm
Inspiratory time 0.3s-6s
I/E ratio 5:1-1:5
Inspiration trigger pressure 0-20cmH2O
Sigh(Deep breath) Once per 100 breath cycle
SIMV Ventilation frequency 1-40bpm
AC adapter 110V-240V,50Hz/60Hz
Inner lithium battery 7.2V 2.2Ah
Dimension 230×200×70mm
Weight 1.0kg
All specifications are subject to a tolerance of +/-15%.
Product Features
Multiple ventilation modes
Manual button used during CPR
LCD display
Multiple visual and audible alarms
LED state indicator
Compact,portable,lightweight,durable design
Electro-pneumatically controlled,time/pressure switched and micro-processor monitored

Monitoring Parameters
I/E ratio LCD Display
Tidal volume Ventilator mode
Peak airway pressure Parameter alarms
Minute ventilation volume Ventilation parameters
Total ventilation frequency Real time pressure waveform
Alarm Kits
System status
Low tidal volume
High airway pressure alarm
Low airway pressure alarm
Low battery
Ventilator(including air-oxygen mixer,automatic airway pressure relief valve),oxygen cylinder,laryngoscope,face mask,suction device,suction union pipe,airway opener,oxygen refill fitting,oxygen supply extension pipe,wrench,PEEP valve,portable nylon bag or hard case.

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