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Double Syringe High Pressure Power Injector for CT MRI DSA Angiography

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHX-C20
CertificateCE ISO
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Quick Details

Flow Rate programmable: 0.1 to 10 ml/sec
Pressure Limitsprogrammable:100  to 300psi 
Injection Capabilities :1 to 8 phases

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Product Description

Medical Contrast Agent Double Syringe High Pressure Power Injector for CT MRI DSA Angiography



Dual Syringe CT Injector can match all the demands of contrast-enhanced scan for Multislice-CT MS-CT, including the most advanced clinical applications.


Real-time injection pressure monitoring
High sensitive pressure sensor, display the real-time injection pressure curve, limit the pressure within the defined value, can effective reduce the risk of leakage and waste of contrast medium.


Saline Flush and Dilution
Saline flush can create a tight contrast bolus, and enable precisely timed contrast delivery, reduce streaking artifacts in Cardiac CT, save contrast medium.
The fewer artifact images help to make a more accurate diagnosis, which is safer for patients.


Dual Flow with Setting Motion Rations
ICLEAR dual CT injector system option is more than a saline flush after a contrast bolus.
The operator can inject both contrast and saline at the same time with setting motion ratios. With the proper ratio, left and right heart ventricles can be illuminated uniformly or improved image quality.


Flexible 8 phases injection setting protocols
Clear and simple console operation, flexible & customized protocol setting interface.
Users can easily set one phase injection or complex 8 phases injection as well to meet their needs of all of the clinic applications.


Friendly & Easy Operation
1. 12" big and wide touch screen console, can program 8 different injection phases easily.
2. All operation can be done through console screen or through injector arm directly
3. LED display at injector head can be know how much contrast media need to add
4. Smart operation keys, designed to complete all functions by minimum keys


Reliable & Safety
1. Precise control injection speed and volume;
2. Comprehensive real-time monitoring of pressure value & system operating status;
3. Remote control injection to reduce harmful radiation to operators
4. Expel air warning before injection, reduce misoperation


Scientific & Humanized Design
1. Swiveling Injection arm can adjust flexible and convenient to locate injector arm as expected
2. Stable and flexible pedestal design, 4-wheel caster stand with 2 brakes
3. Elaborate assistant tray for a clean and tidy atmosphere




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