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Portable Airway Intubation Video Laryngoscope with Ce Certification

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CH2020-L14
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

Product Usage

Applicable to a variety of endotracheal intubation, especially difficult endotracheal intubation, nasotracheal intubation, placement and positioning of bronchial occluder, and the double-lumen bronchial catheter positioning of catheter examination.

Features of Product

1) Hose assembly technology is mature, the outer diameter of the snake bone rubber sleeve installed after the maximum diameter.

2) Monitor front and rear, left and right multi-angle rotation observation.

3)Flexible intubation bending flexible, can be through the mouth or nasal cannula.

4) Suction hole can be connected to negative pressure, easy to attract airway secretions.

5) Injection hole can be connected to the syringe, to facilitate clinical administration, a unique blowout preventer was created for the first time in the world.

6) Injection hole can be connected to the syringe, to facilitate clinical administration, a unique anti-spray device for the international initiative.

7) According to customer needs with a variety of laryngoscopes, tracheal tubes, trolleys and other tools, the establishment of anesthesia intubation workstation

8) Optical fiber transmission, the front end of the camera to ensure that cold, to avoid burns caused by high temperature organization

9) It is conforms to ergonomics and easy to be used.

10) Lightweight titanium alloy for easy operation by doctors

11) Pure titanium magnesium alloy frame, from electromagnetic interference

12) Multi-angle rotation observation, built-in high-power lithium battery

13) Anti-bending easy to meet the biocompatibility requirements.

14) The display is rugged, full-color, glare-free and resistant to normal abrasion.

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Product Description

Operation part:
Visual   Field 90°
Visual   direction
observe   depth 3-100mm
Intubation   Tube out diameter 5.8mm
Suction diameter 2.4mm
effective   work length 600mm
curved   angle upward   110° downward 90°
resolution   ratio 320*240
pixel 600,000   pixels
Monitor :
LCD   size 3.5"   TFT LCD
Color True   colorful
Revolve   angle Up   to down 0-130°,left to right 0-260°
lithium battery 3.5V   AA lithium battery (don't   need to remove)

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