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MP5670 Medical imaging X-ray Inkjet Film printer  

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.MP5670
CertificateISO, CE
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Quick Details

High-Resolution 9600X2400
Continuous printing of 20,000 retail
Intelligent alarming report system

Packaging & Delivery

420*255*200mm 3kg

Product Description

MP5670 Medical imaging X-ray Inkjet Film printer  

Unique features 
-It adopts the structure of hardware and consumables.  The ink line adopts  PE material with good elastic sealing, which ensures the connection between ink and ink cartridge.  The ink can continuously provide the print head for image printing,  which makes printing smooth and stable. 

-A new roller material is used. After installation, the film will not be printed and will not cause any damage to the film coating. 

-The  machine is  printed by the  ink supply print head  on the  environmental  protection new medical  film to improve  the image  clarity; 

-Adopts liquid ink with an ink-jet  printer, and uses no packaging to achieve  quality change  after  transportation; 

-Adopting PE  material  ink line,  wear-resistant,  good ink sealing,  effectively preventing the ink supply from being insufficient,  resulting in damage  to the  print head; 

-Using a large-capacity  refilling system,  automatic  lack  of ink alarm prompt, and cycle  refilling, can  reduce  the damage  degree  of long-term  use of the  print head, effectively  extend the  service  life  of the machine,  and protect the  environment; 

- Adding an aluminum oxide inorganic pigment to the coating layer,  forming a  capillary tube in the ink-receiving layer,  improving the fixing property of the coating layer,  making the image color bright, high gloss,  and better image quality;  and the aluminum oxide can increase the coating and the overall hardness of the layer after the printing is completed, the surface has no indentation; the aluminum oxide has good light resistance and water resistance, can accelerate the image drying speed and can increase the image preservation life.

Main  function: 
1.  Medical ink-jet film adopts a high-quality  PET film base as the substrate,  which has good print transmission performance,  bright color, high image resolution, and good anti-light and anti-aging performance. 
2.  The medical ink-jet film with blue  PET film is suitable for reading and diagnosing on the viewing lamp,  mainly printing black and white images,  and the packaging method is loose blade type. 
3.  Medical ink-jet film with white  PET film is suitable for viewing the film and ordinary reading, mainly printing color images,  and the packaging method is mainly scattered blade type. 

Maintenance  methods 
1. Wipe the  surface  of  the  machine  every  day and  regularly  clean  the  film  library to prevent  dust  accumulation,  which  can  scratch the film,  and  affect  the  film  quality; 
2. Regularly clean the internal equipment of dust. 
3. Keep the  indoor  floor  clean,  regularly clean  the  surface  of  the  machine  to  reduce  the  impact  of dust  on the  quality  of the  printer; 
4. Regularly replace  the  filter, and wipe  the high-temperature hot  drum and  transmission  system  with  anhydrous s  alcohol  (in the  state  of a power failure  and  cooling); 
5. When cleaning, use a damp cloth.  Do not use flammable solvents such as alcohol, benzine, or thinner because contact with electrical components inside the printer may result in fire or electric shock. 
6, the print head needs to be replaced after finishing its service life, the average service life expectancy is about 20,000 sheets.

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