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High Quality Powder X-ray Diffractometer

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHX-D3500
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

X-ray Generator
(Imported PLC Technology)
Voltage(Single- phase)
Rated power 5KW
Tube voltage 10~60kV1kV /Step
Tube current      2~80mA,1mA /Step
Stability ≤0.005%
High-pressure cable
Dielectric voltage: 100V, length: 2m。
Structure D-2500(Horizontal)
D-3500(Keep sample still)

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Product Description

High Quality Powder X-ray Diffractometer


X-ray analysis equipments include x-ray diffractometer, x-ray crystal analysis equipment and x-ray crystal direction finder. The design of x-ray diffractometer (D series) is unique in China as it combines the advantages of programmable controller technique and ideas of module design. The application of triple non-intrusive isolation protection program gives the product with high performance, long life expectance and low frequency failure. The D series x-ray diffractometers are welcomed by many institutes, universities and other manufactories with its advanced controller, excellent data-processing software and accurate testing results.
In order to meet some special requirements for those users who involve in the production of titanium dioxide, our company specially developed the program focusing on the measurement of titanium dioxide. Through 3 times of continuous scanning to the samples, this program could measure the content of rutile in 4 types of samples (error range <0.2% ), including ilmenite, rutile, anatase and imported slag. 
1. X-ray Generator: 
Imported PLC control circuit is applied in lieu of single-chip control unit. This significantly reduces the equipment failure rate and increases the stability and reliability of equipment. Imported PLC programmable controller greatly improves the power of X-ray generator, which meets the special needs from some users who require the high-power X-ray generator for testing special samples. Compared with our products, the products from other companies are still using single-chip control unit, which makes the equipments with more complex structure and higher failure rate. The biggest drawback is that their equipments can not run stably in a long time at high-power scope (1.6KW and above). High-pressure control unit and the management system achieve the electrical isolation (isolating voltage> 2500V). The PLC module provides reliable management and real-time monitoring towards high-pressure control unit and the information is monitored by a real-time screen through the touch panel. As photoelectric isolation technology is applied in all I / O interface modules, so between the outside high-voltage generator circuit and control panel, the electrical isolation is really applied. For each of the modules, shielding measures are also used to prevent the radiation interference.
2. recording control system (the core of the diffractometer):
Based on the Philips technology, the diffractometer takes use of imported PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control circuit instead of the original single-chip control circuit device. This improvement makes the instrument control system more stable, easier to control, and more structurally compact. The application of the imported Siemens PLC control circuit, which is of high degree of automation, ensures a longtime and stable operation of the whole system.
3. It owns the simple management for the circuits so that it is easy to debug and install. It only contains a Siemens PLC system and two highly integrated circuit boards. Besides, Most of the operations, such as rotating goniometric control, computer interface, X-ray generator control and signals collection, are controlled by software. This greatly simplifies the hardware system and reduces the failure rate of the system. Compared with ours, other diffractometers’ recording control systems are still using complex single-chip circuit, which makes debugging and repairing more difficult. Besides, their instruments have high failure rate and complicated structures. Most of their products contain 16 single-chips circuit board and some components, like integrated chips, are still taking Philips technology in 1970s. 
4. The system is very easy to maintain due to its modular design. Users can achieve the maintenance and debugging independently without the supervision of technical personnel. 
5. The use of advanced real color touch screen provides special functions, such as human-computer interaction, full protections and easy operations. The three-dimensional animation design makes the operating process more user-friendly and more intuitive. It is easy for operators to use the instruments and also, can help them to find useful information when problem happens.
6. It greatly improves the stability of the calculation system, thereby enhancing the comprehensive stability of the whole instrument.
7. The powerful extendable capacity of PLC can easily introduce many other multi-function attachments without applying additional hardware.
8. The instruments apply a unique high-voltage safety device to control the voltage during the process of sample testing. 

D-Series X-ray diffractometers are mainly used in the analysis of power, massive or film samples with their qualitative/quantitative attributes, crystal structure, material structure, crystal orientation, micro and macro stress, size of crystal and crystallinity.
Name Major Technical Parameters Characters
X-ray Generator
(Imported PLC Technology)
Voltage(Single- phase)            AC 220V±10% As taking the imported PLC technology, so it has the characters of high automation, low faulty rate, high resistance to noisy factors, high stability and long life for the whole system. PLC working with PC controls the on/off of the shutter and the current and voltage and self-trains the X tube.
Rated power  5KW
Tube voltage 10~60kV1kV /Step
Tube current       2~80mA,1mA /Step
Stability ≤0.005%
High-pressure cable Dielectric voltage: 100V, length: 2m。
Goniometer Structure D-2500(Horizontal)
D-3500(Keep sample still)
Vertical sample,θ-2θ
Horizontal sample,θ-2θ
Horizontal sample,θS-θd
Scanning radius 185mm The system of angle measurement takes the imported high-accuracy
bearing transmission, upgrading the accuracy of the measurement to samples and extending the life of the instrument. The instrument also takes two types of optical system: the focusing one and the parallel one, both with the function of dynamic adjustment. 
The instrument takes the θ/2θ driving or θ-2θ working together, with continuous or step-in scanning.
Range of scanning (2θ) -35~170°,
Speed of scanning 0.006~120°/min
Repeating accuracy (2θ) ≤0.0005°
Min step-in angle 0.0001°
Accuracy ≤0.001°
Filter Ni(for Cu target)
Turning speed 1500°/min
Slit system Auto adjustable slit system
Recording Control Unit counter PC/SC(proportional/ Scintillation) Recording control system, based on the technology of Panalytical diffractometer from Netherlands, applies the human–computer interface with touch screen and the advanced PLC controlling technology. The circuit of the system using the concept of modeling design greatly improves system’s resistance to noisy signals, so the system achieves better stability.
Linear range of counter ≥10,000,000cps
Max background noisy ≤1cps
High-pressure of the counter 0~2100V adjustable
Way of counting In differential way and in integral way
Stability in high voltage of detector Better than±0.005%
Resolution of spectroscopy sc:≤50% pc:≤20%
Recycled Refrigeration
structure Split-type or all-in-one The recycled refrigeration system automatically controls the water temperature and displays the temperature of the X tube, with dynamically choosing the variety of temperature. As the instrument has its own recycled refrigeration system and stainless steel pumps, so there is no need for external cooling system and it reduces the noise and avoids watermarks, which always block the X-ray tube.
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Operating voltage 220V
Precaution Detecting flow pressure
Detecting refrigerant pressure
Protection of over-high/under-low temperature
PC Host Dual core CPU/RAM2G/HD500G Brand PC
Monitor 21″LCD
Printer Laser
Warning settings Warnings for: over-high KV、mA, under-low KV、mA, run out of water, high-temperature of x tube, over current of whole equipment, power warning for x tube etc. 5 scales of power protection:
Security settings Double protected system/ shutter window and lead door working together/shutter window will be closed automatically while lead door opens
Leakage of x-ray Inspection based on <GBZ115-2002 Hygiene Protection Standards of x-ray Diffraction and Fluorescence Analyzer >.
Radiation Safety Permit No.: 辽环辐证[00150]
Rays measurement outside the shield:≤0.1μSv/h
Applying the high-density and high-transparent lead glass for the protection.
Software Controlling software 1.Chinese interface on Windows platform with functions of controlling the voltage and current in x-ray generator and aging training of the shutter and x tube
2. Automatically controlling the diffractometer to scan the sample in steps way or in continuous way while sampling; automatically making the goniometer step forward/backward and adjusting the goniometer to 2θ
1. Smooth, fit/remove background, peel off Kα2
2. Searching peaks (marking peaks: value of D, 2θstrength, width of half-height, value of 2θand displaying all parameters )
3. Change stepsize of sampling, removing noisy peaks; adjusting value of d and positions of peaks
4. Calculat integral area, integral width, width of half-height, comparison of patterns, integration of patterns.
5. Add text in patterns; two cursors: small cursor and big cursor.
6. Variety of zooming, variety of coordinates: linear, logarithm, square root
7. Put pictures in clipboard or paste into word/excel
8. Program for recognizing peaks, calculation of crystallinity, refining the parameters of crystal cell, standardization; quantitative analysis of clay 
Details in :
“Data Processing” in “TD Seriess of X-ray Diffractometer”
Curved Graphite Crystal Monochromator
Reflection η≧30% Applying this optional to the instrument will upgrade the comparison of different peaks and greatly recognize the weak peaks and reduce the diffraction angle of the diffractometer.
Gradient of crystal surface ±2 °
Mosaic degrees
Target material Cu
China-made X-ray Tube Power 2kW  
Focus 1×10mm
Target One Cu target
D Series Models






X-ray tube

(domestic or import)


Tube voltage 60kV(target arbitrary choice Cu.Fe.Co.Cr.Mo)

Focus size


1*10mm2  or 0.48*14mm2

Maximum output power


2.4 kW or 2.7 kW

X-ray Generator

Control mode

Microcomputer automatic 1Kv/step1mA/step

Maximum output power



X-ray tube voltage


X-ray tube current




≤0.01%(power supply voltage fluctuation)

Alarm device

There are Kv too highKv too lowermA too highmA too lowerno waterX-ray tube over-temperaturemachine over-current protectionX-ray tube power protection etc.





Sample levelθs-θd

Goniometer scanning radius

185mm(θs-θd adjustable to 285mm)

Scanning range



-5°~170°(measuring range)


-5°~85°(θs/θd linkage)

-5°~170°(θs/θd single action)

Scanning speed



Scanning mode

θ-2θ linkage,θ 2θ   single action,continuous or step scanning

θs/θd linkage single action

Minimum step angle



Measuring accruacy



Angle positioning speed



2θ repeatability accruacy



Recording Control Unit


Proportional (PC) or scintillation(SC)

Maximum linear count rate



Spectrum resolution(Cu.kα spectrum linear)



Counter high voltage

0-2100V or 0-1100V continuously adjustable

Counter mode

PLC automatic control differentialintegral mode conversion,automatic PHA,dead time correction

Detector high voltage stability

Excel ±0.01%

Excel ±0.005%

x-ray leakage

≤0.2 μSv/h

aggregative indicator

Safty indicators

Protection system for double protective,have a big and a small shield,to ensure the safty of the users

Integrated stability



Overall dimensions


Goods List
No.       Name Quantity
1 T1606X-ray generator
9730 high voltage control unit 1
3400 tube cover 1
High frequency high voltage X-ray generator(imported )         1
2 T3608 goniometer T3608 goniometer 1
Goniometer pallets 1
Powder sample holder 1
3 TZL-30F cycle cooling system Cooling device 1
Water pipe 2
Power cable 1
4 Recording control unit PLC control unit 1
SC counter and cable 1
Step motor cable 2
Interface cable 1
5 software Control software 1
Application software 3
6 9710 shield  and abutment 1
7 TJ-29 high voltage cable   1
8 Cu target X-ray tube   1
9 TSM-2 graphite monochromator         1
10 TD-3500 manual   2
11 TD-3500 packing list   1
12 TD-3500 certificate   1

Spare Parts List
No.             Name Quantity
1 Blind hole powder sample glass plate 20
2 Through hole powder sample aluminum plate             20
3 Zero block 1
4 Stardard ruler 1
5 oiler 1
6 Watch oil 2
7 Filter Ni 1
8 Slit 1
9 Combination tools 1
10 Agate mortar 1
11 Circuit board 5
12 High-voltage cable 1
13 Switch power 4


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