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Luxury Digital HD Dual-screen Gynecological Colposcope

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHF-2200I
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Digital HD Dual-screen Gynecological Colposcope

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54x78x56cm 38KG

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Luxury Digital HD Dual-screen Gynecological Colposcope


Colposcope Digital imaging System is the combination of digital imaging technology and colposcope, which is suitable for clinical gynecological examination of vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts. It can enlarge the observed image to a certain multiple, and find small lesions that cannot be detected by the naked Eye. With this amplification effect, doctors can clearly see the skin of the cervix and the genital epidermis through the large-screen display of the very small details of the lesions, help to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis of cervical, genital and other pathological changes, for the early detection of diseases to provide evidence, so that the cure rate of disease greatly improved. And through the computer can be observed image collection, processing, Clinical diagnosis, report editing, query statistics, A greater degree of role in the use of colposcope, better to meet the future medical imaging "digital" development Requirements. 

Scope of application: clinical diagnosis of vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts

1. Camera
Using Sony's latest HD technology, 3.27 million effective pixels, 30 times Optical zoom, with high-quality amplification effect can be clearly observed a variety of small pathological cells, can be accurately positioning the biopsy of the lesion site, help improve the diagnosis of various cervical diseases, pre-cancerous screening accuracy, reduce missed Diagnosis. Advanced spot subtraction imaging technology and optical image stabilization technology, reduce the light spot caused by the phenomenon of reflection and blurred images by the lens ' shaking and offsetting.

2. Control handle 
Adopt Palm-type handle design, humanized operation panel, a Silicone button Oval layout, can realize zoom, focus, imaging mode, acetic acid timing, image marking, brightness adjustment, and other functions with a single hand.

Full-damping Bracket, 360 adjustments, can automatically hover at any Angle.

4. Trolley
Metal and integrated Three-arm design for all types of inspection beds. Flexible positioning of the arm support, can arbitrarily adjust the position and angle of the lens, to meet the needs of clinical examination and operation, to provide doctors with no dead angle of observation vision.

5. Patient Screen
Dual-screen design, Patients can intuitively understand the disease situation, convenient for doctors to communicate with Patients.

6.Barcode scanner 
7. Computer
8. HD display 
9. Printer

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