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Ce & FDA Handheld Equipment Portable Digital Pulse Oximeter

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CH2020-O33
CertificateISO CE
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The method of using the oximeter is as follows:
1. For the first time using the finger oximeter, press the Reset button first, and the LCD screen will display the standby state.
  2. Then press to open the grip. Put your left or right middle finger into the work bin. At this time, you can see the infrared light in the work bin. Note: the fingers should not be crooked, the hands should not be wet, and there should be no foreign objects on the nail surface.
  3. After waiting for the finger to fully contact with the work compartment, the LCD displays the detection process. Care should be taken when entering the detection state to keep the finger under test stable and not to shake up, down, left or right.

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