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Luxury Colon Hydrotherapy Bed for SPA, Clinic, Hospital

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHP-PW5000
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German imported technology
satisfy customer's request
Random temperature setting
Professional production for 20 years
Participate in Pacific Insurance

Packaging & Delivery

Size 2000*1300*1500cm
Weight 350kg

Product Description

Luxury Colon Hydrotherapy Bed for SPA, Clinic, Hospital  

The automatic water treatment system is used to disinfect the tap water (or the dialysate is configured), and then heated to about 37 degrees Celsius (close to human body temperature) by a constant temperature heating device.
Finally, the water is easily injected into the intestine through the guiding head, and the stool accumulated on the wall of the intestine is softened, diluted, disintegrated and discharged, and harmful substances such as harmful bacteria and internal poisons are eliminated and excreted.
Minimize the reproduction of harmful bacteria, maintain the balance of bacteria in the intestines, and maintain the balance of water, electrolytes, acid and alkali in the body through ion exchange.
Enhance the full absorption of nutrients and liquids; use the semi-permeable membrane properties of the colonic mucosa and the naturally open dialysis area,
Excretion of excess water in the body by colon dialysis can alleviate edema and ascites caused by various diseases; it has the function of retaining enema.
After colon cleansing, it is directly administered to various lesions of the colon. This product will be a three-in-one treatment for colon cleansing, colon dialysis and colonic administration.
It has created a new kind of natural therapy since hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Colonic dialysis is safe, efficient, simple, painless, low cost, wide adaptability, and plays an extremely important role in the clinic.
Main configuration:
1. Automatically clean the pipeline, filter and disinfect the influent water, and filter the dye.
2. Built-in flush button switch, users can wash the discharge by themselves
3. Double-in and double-out of the pipeline (both intestine spa treatment, coffee, probiotics, etc.)
4. External flushing water gun, easy for workers to clean up residual dirt
5. The working time is continuously adjustable, and the dosage can be controlled and adjustable.
6. The perfusion system adopts professional imported medical peristaltic pump and double pump work.
7. Red light function (anti-inflammatory and swelling of the whole body to promote blood circulation and other functions)
8 special disposable infusion tube. Injection tube diameter 0.6 cm
9. Built-in sewage system, using Rui in the natural state for intestinal washing, administration
10, over temperature and overpressure automatic power off protection
11. Relieve the functional spa bed of the basin. Bed configuration and sewage facilities are designed as a whole
12. Built-in camera system, can clearly see the patient's excretion
Product advantages:
German imported technology
satisfy customer's request
Random temperature setting
Professional production for 20 years
Participate in Pacific Insurance
Product parameters:
●Environmental conditions: Temperature: 0-40C; Relative humidity: ≤85%
● Peristaltic pump: German round imported professional medical peristaltic pump, double pump control
● Instrument type: Class l B type
●Inlet water filtration accuracy 5UM
● Total power: no more than 1600 w
● Instrument noise: no more than 56dB (A weighting)
●Dynamic pump pressure adjustment range: 0-25KPa
● Operating environment: ambient temperature: 5-40C; relative humidity: ≤ 85%
●Water flow adjustment range: 0- 1600 ml
●Atmospheric pressure: 860Pa- 1060Pa
●Water temperature control range: 10- 40C
●Storage: ambient temperature -40-55C; relative humidity: ≤95%
●Protection measures: Over-temperature and over-pressure automatic power-off protection. Atmospheric pressure: 500Pa- 1060Pa
Contraindications for intestinal SPA:
Severe internal hemorrhoids, obvious inflammation of the anal canal mucosa, edema, active bleeding in the colon and rectum, severe heart and lung disease and severe hypertension are not suitable for intestinal spa.

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