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High-Quality Multi-Mode Professional Pediatric Aquatic Rehabilitation Pool SPA

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHP-03
CertificateISO CE
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Quick Details

1.Product parameter

Model number: CHP-03

Voltage: AC220V±22V   50Hz±1Hz

Rated power: 5000VA

Overall dimension: 3000×1800×1100mm, allowance ±20mm

The basin inner size: 2750×1620×900mm, allowance±20mm

Maximum capacity:3000L

Water jet number: 11units

Number of bubbles: 16units

Number of disinfection hole:1unit

Ozone amount: 200~300mg/hr

Colorful LED beads: 16units

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Product Description

Product advantage

*Liquid crystal displays time and temperature, and the temperature can be adjustable;

*Functions such as bubbles, vortex, constant temperature and surfing, and a built-in thermostat system;

*Functions such as strong venting, ozone disinfection and disinfection alarm, to provide a convenient, sanitary and safe environment for treatment;

*The depth of the pool water can be adjusted (will not affect the maintenance of water quality), in order to prepare for future walking on land;

*Video playing function to provide pleasure for children in gait training;

*Specially-designed high-definition under water camera and under water windows for easy observation of children's underwater gait training;

*A variety of optional accessories for training in water, such as balance bar, treadmill.

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