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High Quality Multiple Whirlpool Bathtub PRO for Baby SPA

Band nameICLEAR
Model No.CHP-02
CertificateISO CE
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 Product Introduction
 The instrument has the functions of bubble, vortex, constant temperature, surfing and so on. It stimulates children's nervous system, muscle system, respiratory system, circulatory system through different means and all-around effects, and promotes the recovery of their dysfunction. Meanwhile, it can effectively promote normal development of a baby's brain and nervous system, and stimulate the baby's potential.

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Product Description

1. Principle of hydrotherapy effect

* Promote IQ and EQ development;

* 80% of the human brain cells are developed in the infancy. A large number of benign stimulation and comprehensive sensory training are the basis of the psychological, intelligent and emotional intelligence development of the baby, and meanwhile eliminating loneliness, fear and anxiety during the baby's growth;

* Stabilize emotion and adjust sleep;

* Hydrotherapy simulates amniotic fluid environment, and can stimulate the baby's vision, sense of balance and hearing to placate the baby's body and mind. It can change the baby's sleep rhythm and quality, and reduce the night cry;

* Strengthen heart, improve lung capacity, and promote thorax development;

* The buoyancy and waves of water, the slapping impact of water pressure on the skin plays a massage effect on the peripheral blood vessels to exercise the baby's heart better; at the same time, the pressure on the thorax can increase the baby's lung capacity. Statistics show that after hydrotherapy, infants' lung capacity may increase by 74%;

* Booster immunity and cold-prevention ability;

* Hydrotherapy enhances the baby's ability to adaption of outer changes and improve the baby's immunity;

* Promote height and strengthen physique;

* Due to water buoyancy, it is easy for a baby to make big movements in the water, such as sliding arms, stretching and bending legs and twisting waist, which speeds up the transmission of nutrients and oxygen from the blood to the bone and muscle tissue, and promotes the level of growth hormone in the body, as a result, the baby grows faster;

* Enhance digestion and appetite;

* Hydrotherapy consumes energy and stimulates the digestion and absorption function of the baby's digestive system to take in large quantities of nutrients;

2.Product parameter

Model number: CHP-02

Power supply: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz

Power: ≤3000VA

Overall dimension: 1500 x 1000 x 1150mm, tolerances ±20mm

Inside tank size: 1000x800 x 630mm, tolerances ±20mm

Observation window: (top 780- lower 580) x 370mm

LED 7 color lighting system: 2units

Water spray nozzle: 4units

Water capacity: 320L

Weight: 132kgs

3.Product advantage

* Microcomputer control panel, more convenient operation;

* Time and temperature liquid crystal display;

* Bubbles, vortex, constant temperature, surfing and other functions;

* Strong venting, ozone disinfection, disinfection alarm and other functions;

* With 22 foam columns;

* Vortex bath: vortex has four vortex steering devices, which can adjust vortex size continuously;

* Appearance: plain and readable and holistic design, with a fashionable button;

* Double-sided transparent window design, it's convenient for  parents to more intuitively observe the baby's activities in the water, thereby promoting the exchange between parents and children.

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